Our fundraising efforts include events, drives and marketing. Each one aids not only in raising funding for ACCH but also creates public awareness for this ministry.

There are many ways to help continue this ministry’s growth and success.

The easiest way is to donate directly

Build Their Futures Campaign

Give the Gift of Stability

The easiest way to help us fundraise is to donate directly to our children. And the best way to do that is through our Build Their Futures campaign. By becoming a monthly donor through the Build Their Futures campaign, you give the gift of stability to our children. A small donation of $10 a month makes a large yearly impact. Donors who donate $20 a month or more will receive a free ACCH t-shirt as a part of our thanks.

Make an impact today by becoming a monthly donor through the Build Their Futures campaign! Click here to donate now.



Annual Pancake Breakfast

This is our first big event of the year where you can fellowship around warm company, tour a campus cottage, and encourage our houseparents, staff, and children. We are very thankful to our corporate sponsors for making this event possible: Whataburger, Albertsons Marketplace, and SoPo Coffee Co. 


Annual Barbeque & Open House

Our second big event of the year, this BBQ is a fun picnic outdoors on our picturesque 6-acre campus! Delicious barbecue from Rudy’s, live bluegrass band, activities for the whole family, cottage tours, and a chance to meet our staff and children. Join us for a perfect summer Saturday you don’t want to miss!


Annual Holiday Affaire Benefit Dinner & Auction

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The Annual Holiday Affaire Benefit Dinner & Auction is an elegant evening gala held at the Embassy Suites in Albuquerque. The evening includes a silent and live auction with a dinner held in the middle. This is the prefect event to get all your Christmas shopping done early and help children in need at the same time! All funds raised at this event go straight into ACCH’s general operating fund to continue to provide a safe, loving home to at-risk children in our community. Join us for an elegant evening filled with Christmas magic and exciting auctioneering!

For more info check out our events page

ACCH “Koins for Kids”

Cans are a great way to raise money for the kids. You might have seen some around town at grocery stores, businesses, or churches. This is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of children.

All of the contributions dropped into donation cans will go into our general operating fund to keep helping children in need.

Call us to get a can for your home, or several cans for your church, civic club, school, or business. Drop in your change each day, and return your full can to your church office, or call us for pickup. 

Your change can help make a change!

Planned Giving

Living Trust – A “Living Trust” allows you to distribute your assets to a nonprofit organization of your choice after your passing. It is a beautiful way to continue your legacy and bless numerous children in need. Your love lives on through your generous giving and fosters the next generation. Contact a professional advisor to help you set up a living trust and give to the children of ACCH for generations to come.

Charitable Bequest – A “Charitable Bequest” is a thoughtful way to make a charitable contribution planned in advance. It is also a way for donors to make gifts using many types of assets. Some of these include charitable gift annuities, deferred gift annuities, stocks & securities, pooled income funds, charitable lead trusts and life insurance. Your personal financial situation is unique, so contact a professional advisor who specializes in Estate Planning. They will help you make sure you are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages for your gift.

Monthly Giving

One time donations are always a blessing, but regular monthly giving of any amount can also have a large impact. For example, if 500 people each gave $20 per month that would be $10,000 every month to provide care for the children! That is an exciting idea!

If monthly giving is something you would like to participate in, examine your budget and figure out what amount per month you would like to contribute. You can make those regular donations by sending checks each month, but the easy and secure way is to click on the “Donate” button on this website and follow the directions to set up the donations via electronic funds transfers or charges to your debit or credit card monthly.

Every little bit helps! Contact us for more information , or click the “Donate Now” button to set up a recurring donation online!

Memorials and Honors

Your donation can be made to ACCH in honor of a special person’s birthday, anniversary, achievements, etc., or in memory of a deceased loved one or cherished friend. The celebration of a loved one lives on in our home and our efforts to provide children with a family and a special place to grow up. For all memorial and honor donations, an acknowledgement is written in our quarterly newsletter to remember or honor you loved one and celebrate their hearts for children in need.

There are two way to donate in memory or honor of someone: 

  1. Make a check out to ACCH, and in the memo write “Honor” or “Memorial” and the first and last name of the person to be remembered. Send checks to 5700 Winter Haven Rd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120. If you have a name of someone you would like to inform of your donation (whether that be the honoree or the next of kin for those memorialized), please include a note with the name(s) of those you wish to inform of your donation and their relationship to the honored/memorialized, along with their mailing address. ACCH will send a card of acknowledgement to those listed informing them of your donation, and you will receive a receipt in the mail for your donation.
  2. Give through our online giving platform. Under “Choose a Designation”, in the “Fund” dropdown, select either “Memorial for Deceased” or “Honorary”. Please provide the first and last name of the memorialized or the honoree. If you wish to inform the next of kin or honoree of your donation, please provide the name(s) of those you wish to inform along with their mailing address. ACCH will send a card of acknowledgement to those listed informing them of your donation. After the transaction is complete, you will receive an automatic receipt in your email inbox.