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Day to day needs vary. If you would like to be on our “As Needed” list, please fill out the volunteer application by clicking on the Volunteer Application button and then hit submit.

The State requires we have met and interview all volunteers who work with children.

To volunteer and work directly with the children you MUST meet with our Campus Life Director 1st by appointment only during normal business hours Monday through Friday. You can call 505.898.5520 or email to set up your appointment.  At the meeting you will be given the necessary paperwork and on-line access information and instructions for your background check. The cost is $44.00 and must be paid for by the volunteer online. Once you have been cleared by the state, you will be required to go through training with us. It usually takes about an hour of your time. After you have fulfilled these requirements, then you will be able to:

  • Spend time with children, playing, mentoring
  • Give respite to the houseparents as you care for the children
  • Take children off site to events
  • Assist Houseparents with cottage chores

If you are a church or civic group that would like to volunteer to do a group project on our campus that does not involve direct contact with children please contact our Development Director.  He will contact you to arrange a date and project that works for everyone. Call 505.898.5520.

  • Fundraising Events
  • Help with Pantry
  • Cleaning Vo-Tech
  • Grounds Clean Up

We are always in need of volunteers that are licensed plumbers, electricians and carpenters. We occasionally have work that requires a licensed professional.

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NOTE: Any volunteer who puts in 6 or more hours in a given week or will work with directly with the children will be required to undergo a background check. The cost will be $44.00 per person and will be the responsibility of the volunteer.
(Prices are subject to change)

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