Our Campus

Our picturesque 6 acre property, located near the Rio Grande River on the west side of Albuquerque, provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere for the children and houseparents. When you arrive on campus you will be greeted by a line of beautiful fruit trees and various plants along with our resident box turtle’s habitat.

Each cottage has a master apartment for the houseparents and is equipped with independent rooms with private baths, a closet, and beds for the children.  A large kitchen and laundry room are equipped with modern appliances. A large living room and dining room allow all of the family to gather for meals and social time.

Other campus features include playgrounds, grass parks, a basketball court and lots of places for the children to ride their bikes. We also have a large garden that provides fresh vegetables for the children during the growing season. The campus is also served by a vocational/technical building and a small administrative office.