Over 40 Years of Loving Care

In 1969, the Elders at the University Church of Christ had a dream to open a Children’s Home in Albuquerque. Joel and Nina Taylor, pioneer ranchers on Albuquerque’s west side, donated the site of their ranch headquarters to the Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home and the dream became a reality.

From its inception, the mission of the Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home has been to provide the very best physical, psychological, and spiritual care for school aged children. These children often come to us from situations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. We care for each child as long as our help is needed, providing a home of peace, comfort, and safety where God’s love is expressed to each child every day.

Today, The Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home is still true to its original mission. As we have the space and financial resources available, we continue to care for all children who need us, regardless of their background.