50 Years of Caring for Children

We have had 50 years of success caring for children all over the Albuquerque region and greater New Mexico. Our story begins in the 1960’s. The elders of the University Church of Christ had a dream to open a foster home for “… children that have been neglected, abused or are in need of supervision”. They tirelessly worked at this dream until finally the dream was realized. The Taylors, members of the University Church of Christ, donated the site of their ranch headquarters as the location of the Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home. Hence, the Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home was born. In June of 1970, records indicate ACCH housed its very first children, providing them with the proper care and nurturing they so desperately needed.

From its inception to now, we have given care to over 600 children and helped over 200 families. The mission of ACCH has been to provide the very best physical, psychological, and spiritual care for school-aged children. Today, ACCH is still true to its original mission. As we have the space and financial resources available, we continue to care for all children who need us, regardless of their race, religion, culture, national origin, financial status, or social status.